Things Change and So Do I

Something has come to my attention that I feel need to be put down in writing. Most of what happens in this world doesn't concern me. There is much that I let fall to the way side for the sheer fact that there isn't anything I can do about them. I don't feel that spinning my brains metaphorical wheels does me any good in helping this world or myself.

This does come at a price though. I believe that all of us have tanks that we draw from for different emotions. We have one for love, empathy, anger, and so on. Well, because I don't let most things bother me I end up having very passionate feelings about the few things that do. This ends up making people think I care more than I do, or that my position is un-movable, on a subject. It is true that when something comes on my radar I do talk very passionately about it... it doesn't mean that my position is set in stone though. In fact the exact opposite. I'll give an example.

One day a really good friend, his girlfriend, and myself had gone to see a movie. Afterwards we talked about the movie and found out that we had different feelings about it. I had issues with the story and character development. Nothing big, just us sharing how we felt about the movie. His girlfriend at one point compared how I was feeling to something she felt about a show. She had brought this up many times in the past and frankly, I didn't understand what the big deal was about.

Well, I reacted with a response that they weren't the same and dismissed her on the front that her problem was just a side note, at the end of a series. As the conversation continued I realized how wrong I was for dismissing her so. It was not only rude but was also small minded of me. Was the comparison valid? That's up for debate but the fact that I dismissed her feelings was down right wrong. I should not have done it and because of that conversation am now more on the look out for that kind of talk escaping from my mouth again. With any luck I won't belittle someone like that again.

My whole point is that I'm evolving. I, at my core, am the same person; but the outside will continue to be molded by my friends and family. This will be done through an arduous processes of them calling me out of my faults and short comings. And frankly, I wouldn't want it any other and I hope it never changes.