I have a weBlog

Wow, I officially have a blog. I can now check that box on all those questionnaires (fourteen word score, yes).... 3. Do you have a web blog? Yes, yes I do. Then I can answer the next question.... 4. How often do you update your web blog? A)Whenever I breath B)Five times a day C)Once a day D)I never update E)Blog...is that some kind of pond scum? I of course will be answering A...not. Like I have that kind of time. I can barely make time for Yoga, cat chasing, and bird de-feathering (those birds don't need that many feathers to fly. They just want us to think they do). If times really short, I cut out the Yoga. I mean I only do it so I can see all the hot women stretching in positions that should only be in the bedroom or during baseball games (really what else is there to do. The game is just soooooo boring). Ok, so I signed up for Yoga but never had the guts to go. Have you seen the clothes they make you wear. I looked like a overstuffed pork sausage (and I'm not talking about down under either). Let's face it, women are the only ones who looking good enough, while doing Yoga, to do Yoga...and I'm fine with that and I think every other guy and gal out there is too. If you don't agree with me you can send an email to: Imjustjoking@ireallydontdothesethings.com.