You win lose some, right? Isn't that the way it's supposed to work? Then how come it never seems like I'm winning? I can already here someone saying that the problem with that sentence is the "seems". I guess I could be so blind that I never see myself winning but then again don't I have to win at something to make a comparison between the two? It seems that everything that I actually want and try to accomplish I fail at. Does that mean I'm forever going to be a failure or just one to my own eyes? Does it really matter if I'm not really a "failure" if all I can see are my losses? Or am I just looking at this all the wrong way? I just want one thing......just one. I want to win at something that I actually care about. Maybe I'm just asking to much or maybe I need to understand that I'm here to be the one that loses. I don't know what's worse being the fat guy or being the guy that always loses. I guess I don't really have to think about it to much since I'm both. Oh well, you got to play with the cards life has dealt you, right?