Kung-Foo Baby

Your in a parking lot. You see some people sitting by a car. You approach them and ask if they know how to get to the morgue...why your going to the morgue, I have know idea but your going there. They tell you they don't know how to get there. You thank them then ask if anyone has a slug. They ask you why and you answer buy telling them that you wanted to buy it. One guy say's(while grabing his crouch) that he has something for sell in his pants you can buy. I'm now going to tell you the anwsers that you shouldn't say unless.... 1)You can run 5 miles in 20 mins. 2)You have a car next to you that's running and it has someone already in the drivers seat ready to go. 3)You can kick Bruce Lee's ass or even Jackie Chan's. 4)You have balls or breast of steal. 5)You can breath fire...or finally 6)You know how to kill with your left shoe...not your right...cause killing someone with you right shoe would just be ludicrous. Now the things you shouldn't say unless you can do one of those six things or feel like getting your ass beat. 1)No thanks, I'm not gay. 2)How much sugar-pie. 3)Maybe later...will you be at the same corner as your mom? 4)Ummm....no you sick ass mother fucking hoe bag. 5)I was waiting for you to offer. 6)Does your girlfriend have anything in her pants for sale? 7)Fuck you? I hardly even know you. 8)Check please! 9)Has anyone ever told you that you look like Carrot Top? 10)How much? Five cents? 11)Has anyone ever told you that you look like Pauly Shore?...and finally 12)I bite. Ofcourse if you have a 500 pound black man that knows Kung-Foo with you then you can say anything you want to that sick perverted man....If you find a 500 pound black man that knows Kung-Foo please let me know so I can hire him as my personal body guard.