I'm Tripping Out Man

I wear glasses. Sometimes I wear contacts but for the majority of the time I'm wearing glasses. Of course for anyone who wears glasses you know that you take them off before you go to bed. It's kind of hard to sleep with your glasses on. They don't last long if you do. Anyway, one time I had taken some medicine and....well, I guess you can say I had an "allergic" reaction to it. I fell asleep and the next thing I know I'm seeing a buzzing, horribly mutated, white locust. I mean this thing had one hind leg, massive multiple feelers, and a malicious contriving puss bubble that seemed as if it would of popped if you even had an inkling to looking at it. This locust was of course stuck to my glasses...which I wasn't wearing, but I sure as hell thought I was. Then suddenely for no apparent reason at all, the locust broke in half. Now, there's a cat at my house that likes my room. This cat is dark colored and loves to follow me around. It took me about 2 days to figure this out but the locust was actuall the cat nudging my head (and purring) to wake me up to let it out. Now I've never done any drugs other than alcohol but I have to say that that qualifies as a "trip". So, I can actually understand and completely comprehend "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas". So there!