Drive Time

Sometimes I drive. No, no it's not anything weird. It's not where I go and drive to the store or go out in the country and look at all the pretty plants and animals. I just drive. I do it in the middle of the night. When nobody else is out there. I don't speed. OK, I try not to speed. I usually end up speeding, but that's not the point. The point is …I sometimes drive. It's a time in my life, a time in my day, where all I do is drive. You might find that weird. That's fine. Everyone's allowed there own opinion, but everyone has there own "drive time". Some people may call it "play time". While other call it "music time" or "reading time" or "computer time". Some people may even call it "leave-me-the-hell-alone time". Every one has their own time. I have my drive time. What? You want to know what I do on my drive time. What else, I drive. That's it. I just drive. I rev my engine. I shift. I turn. I drive. I think of nothing else. I don't think of my bills, my work, my kids, or any other of the problems in my life. I don't even think about my car. For that 30 minutes. I am my car. I feel the tires huge the road. The wind slide over the hood. I am the car, but it only happens on my "drive time". Never any other time. Just my "drive time". Sometimes I get so involved that end up driving by old friend's houses. And as I drive by I see if I recognize any of the cars in the driveway. Usually I don't, but sometimes. Just sometimes I do, and I wonder. Would I still be friends with them if I had made more time for the friendship. But, then I down shift to 2nd and continue on my way. With the moment gone. I go home. That's what I do. Can I ask you a question? What do you call your time?