Being in love is one of the greatest and worst things that can happen to you. I mean first you have to figure out if your really in love or just in love with the idea of being in love. You could also just be in love with the fact that you have someone else there to be in love with (this last one almost always leads to truly being in love with the other person). Any way you cut it when you figure out that your in love with the other person you open your self up to a room of hurt. It's as if you walked into a room of 7th grade bullies, that only goal in life, is to kick the living shit out of you. To bad you don't notice this till you halfway to the ground. It sadly really doesn't seem to hurt till you see the blood trickling out your nose. Most of the time you get up (leave the relationship) cut you loses and start to mend your wounds. The best part is you end up doing it all again the moment you fall in love with the next women that crosses your path. Yes there are times when everything works out great and you open the door to a bed of roses with a soft down made of gold. But with most things in the life, that is not the case. Love hurts. Those pedals had a stem at one point and that stem has a shit load of thorns, all for you. Just be glad that you have to go through this with someone you love and not someone you hate. You never know you might make it to the rose pedal gold downed room after all. Just remember it's going to hurt a little getting there. But then again...isn't everything worth while painful on some level. Finally we come to the last path that love likes to take. It's the one I'm currently in. It involves you walking into that room with all the bullies. Taking an ass whooping and then getting up and asking for more. Now I know that sounds bad. Like it's a dysfunctional relationship or something. But the fact of the matter is that I'm deeply in love with this women and would take the on the whole god damned world for her. Maybe that stupid. I've been called worse. People might say to give up the relationships, it's over. I say, I will when there's nothing worth fighting for. These I think are the relation ships that truly stand that test of time. Lets face it all relationships have there hardships, yes some more than others. I think the reason so many people get divorced and are unhappy is because there not willing to fight for what they want. You have to work at a relation ship other wise they crumble. I bet you can count on one had how many people from school you still talk to on a regular basis. I guess in the end all you can hope for is that the person you love is fighting for you just like your fighting for them. Maybe you have to face the room full of bullies together to make it to the gold downed rose pedal room of life.