More Films

Hey everybody. Long story short some friends and I made some videos for a contest. We didn't win but we still want to make sure everyone can see our work. For a little back story, I'll turn it over to Joe....Joe

"As you might remember, a few weeks ago, I posted a bulletin about thar being a Nintendo film contest. Well, two of my friends, Darryn and Golde, and I each made an entry, and well, none of us won. The people behind the contest (a PR firm called Golin Harris) was suppose to post our videos on YouTube, but after that day before the deadline, they stopped posting them. Darryn managed to get his in a couple of days early, so his is up on their YouTube site. Golde and I were faithful that they would eventually post ours up thinking that they probably go a ton of entries the last couple of days and they were simply backed up. Eventually we came to our senses and decided to post them ourselves.

The contest results seem a bit shady. A good number of the 10 finalist didn't seem like they should've been up there. I'm not saying that ours were necessarily any better (or worse), but I do think that there were other videos out there that deserved to be on there more than some of the ones that did make it. There was Punch Out Trailer out there that is the easiest example of one that should've a finalist. Especially when there were two finalist that were straight up copies of other things: a Twilight Zone episode and an Earthlink commercial."

Actually Joe I wanted you to tell them about our films.

"This one is Golde's. I did the CG work. He also gave me the writing credit, but I don't recall writing anything for it. Well, Golde and I pulled two all-nighters to finish ours, so when he asked me if it was ok if I got the writing credit, I wasn't completely there."

Thank you Joe. Now here's our films:


Human Crossing


A Prince Becomes A King


The Legend of Zelda A Three Minute Short