Letting Go

Sitting in my chair, with only one of a million things I could do, but only one thing continues to come to my mind. It's stuck in my brain like a splinter that's been shoved far under the skin. All I've been wanting for the past few weeks is to forget about it. All memory of it erased from my brain. Yes, it'd be a large chunk of my memories but definitely the most volatile, rotten, horrible part of my life. Or so I thought....until I remembered what tickling was like, and I can do nothing but smile while tears run down my face. A flood of vibrant memories, more colorful then they ever could have been when they were made, came to to the fore front of my mind only to force more of the watery substance out of my eyes and onto my face. Man, do I love her, only now do I realize how much I truly did and that it's over. I know it's been over, there was never any doubt about that. It's just I never remembered how great it was to tickle her, her laughter, her unexpected face, her words telling me to stop but every part of her body telling me to continue. And of course the kiss, my prize for when I would finally release her from my devilish hands, only to have said kiss interrupted by her attempt to reclaim some vengeance by trying to tickle me. A foolish attempt, it never worked but she tried every time. I was wrong, I didn't hate these memories or the times with her. It's just the opposite. I love her and always will. I wish her the best and hope only that she never be afraid to fail or try something new because I know that she can be great. My only hope is she remembers the tickles as fondly as I do.