I just woke up from a nightmare. Maybe in a few days I'll find it funny (actually I'm sure I will) but today I find it frightening. Here's what happened before it gets fuzzy in my mind. Shit was happening in my life and I met this black guy who was wheel chair bound. I decided to help him out and we went back to my house. An argument broke out at my house and he went back out to my car. After I was done arguing with who ever was in my house I went out to my car to talk to my new friend only to find someone was stealing my car. Who are these two people? Well, in the passenger seat was James Franco and Craig Ferguson was driving (yes, I know. Weird. Especially since I really like these guys). I tried to break James Franco's arm. All it did was bend and he laughed and me. As the car starts pulling away I pulled my self into the back seat. This is when I find my friend I had just met, they had killed him. I look at Craig Ferguson to see him pointing a gun at my head. I didn't think he'd pull the trigger. He did. I remember seeing his face of horror as I start grinning with the half of my face I still had. He tells me to swallow the bullet and die already. I, had different plans. I can hear police sirens in the back ground and could feel myself slipping away. Some how I have the gun in my hand. I try to pull the trigger. It seems to take all my strength and finally the hammer falls. Nothing happens. I do it again. This time it doesn't take as long. Again, nothing. I try a third time knowing I have only one more shot. I take it. It lands home. It's right after that moment that I woke up, scared myself on a shadow that looked just like a man, and tried to figure out what the fuck this dream could have possible meant.