She Calls Herself Estelle

I didn't write this. Just felt I needed to put it up on my site. The author of this poem goes by the name Estelle. I'm not sure if that's her real name or not...but I have a feeling that her middle name rhymes with "meth". But I could be wrong. Enjoy. I am sorry, but I couldn’t help it I just got angry. You both make me so mad. I don’t understand how you can say those things to me. You know they hurt me and make me cry. I’ve told you so many times before. I really want to hate you, but I wont, I can’t hate you, I care about you. It would be so much easier to endure your taunts. If I hated you I wouldn’t care, If I hated you it wouldn’t hurt so bad. You are a passerby that I talk to. No one of real importance, Though I thought of you as a friend. I know you hate me, but must you make me cry? You were my best friend, I confided in you, I told you everything. I never lied to you, I never betrayed you. I would have stayed with you until the very end, But you let me go. You told me you were tired of being the good guy, That you were going to be a jerk. Being the good guy never required you to let go. I loved you, and I still do.. But the sun will rise tomorrw, And life will continue moving at it's normal pace. The only thing i can ask of you, Is that you forgive me. I know i'll never be with you, It was my fault, I didn't listen to you. It was easer not to, It was less painful, I didn't want to think. I didn't want to think about you, About how much i care for you. About how much i wanted you to say; "Don't go, please, I want you. I want you in my life". Here's the truth, I want you. I want you in my life, Even if it is just as a friend.