Rays of Light In The Night

I’m so far from everything…everyone. I have so much in my life that’s clouding my vision. So much that I don’t even know were to start. How can I start? When will it stop? I want it to stop. Why won’t it stop? I need it to stop. I’m an extremely strong person but I don’t know how much more I can take. Between my mother with a quarter of her brain dead or dyeing, friends making foolish choices, my past coming back to haunt me, my life not going any where, having no money, no job, and only dreams for a future. I think it might be too much. Can I take it? So far I’ve been able to. Can I make my dreams a reality? There’s a little hope from some things but there only thin rays of light in the darkness of night. All I can to is walk. Run. Stumble towards them. They never seem to get closer. I feel that I’m the only one that keeps me going…mostly because I am. It would be nice if there was someone else to help me move forward. The rays of light are being clouded by my life. How do I cut a clear path to my dreams? My life. My being. When what seems to be standing in the way of them are the people that I’ve put around myself. They’ve exhausted me to my breaking point. But how do I cut off one of the ways that I cope my life? I’ve always been pretty good at balancing things out or at least I thought. All I truly know is that I can’t do anything else but make my dreams a reality. It’s all I truly know how to do. It’s the only thing I’ve ever truly been able to do.