I'm done with you people. Fuck you all. I'm tired of dealing with all of your bullshit. Seeing you make the same mistakes over and over again pisses me the fuck off. It makes me sick. To think that I'm the only one in my group that has enough will power to discontinue activities that everyone knows are only going to lead to heart break, hate, disgust, and general fuck ups, is depressing. I've never wanted anything but the best for you unexceptional second-rate pathetic bastards. You'd think with all the advice I give that you might once take it...but no what do you do with it instead. You piss on it. You throw it on the ground, step on it, spit on it, curse at it. Then come to me when it all goes to hell. You tell me that I was right and that you should of listened to me. Then why the fuck didn't you. I warned you how many times that it wasn't a good idea. I gave you how many ways out of the situation. Every one of those with a minimal emotional impact to all involved. But no, you knew better. I take that back. You couldn't bring yourself to do what you knew needed to be done. You didn't have enough of a back bone to do the right thing. You couldn't bring yourself to be hurt a little right now so that others, or yourself, would be saved from further harm. Instead you wanted to cling onto something that was never there to begin with in hopes that it might come true. Guess what, the tooth fair isn't real and neither are disillusioned fantasies. Have fun making your repulsive decisions by yourself. I'm done with it.