Midget Pony

Why do I have to put up with this shit? Every day I see the same thing. She sits on her ass all day complaining that she's sick, but when she eats, she eats like she normally does. Talks like she normal does. Acts like she normally does. And yet she still gets to go out every weekend like nothing was wrong. Like she didn't just miss a whole week of school. Every time her mother says, "this is going to be the last time this happens". But it never is. Her mother says "you can go out this weekend but if you do then you're going to go to school on Monday". Yet every time this is said she still ends up missing another week. Why do I have to put up with it? I say to my self that it'll only be a little longer till she falls flat on her face. Yet I don't see that happening. I get told that I shouldn't worry about what she does, just about what I do. That she'll get hers in the end. In the end? In the end!?! Fuck the end! I want to see it now. I want to have her ass handed to her in a wicker basket. I want to see her fail every class like she should be. But no, what do I see. Her getting A's and B's because her mother is protecting her like a bear would protect her cub. Teachers giving her the regular work on top of tons of extra credit work. So, till I move out, I get to put up with seeing this kind of shit. But, I can't wait till the day she sees that she's not as great as she once thought she was. That her high beautiful horse is really a dirty midget pony with fleas.