Shove This Up Your Ass

Why does this world fucking such ass so much? It just blows. Why is it that when you pick a shift up at work that they constantly change it? It just fucking pisses my off. And why is it that when you go in a date that you can't fucking talk right or suddenly you have nothing to say. Why the fuck does that happen. And don't tell me the answer because I already know it, but it still pisses me off. And why is it that when you go out with a girl, afterwards they tell you that you're just not the type of person there looking for. Why don't they just tell you that they think your ugly, fat, or any number of cruel things they can say. I mean there already dumping you, so it's not like your feelings are going to get anymore hurt. I rather them just say what they really thought. I know the only real reason they let you down easy is so that they will look like a good and kind person to their friends and anyone else who might find out about the date. Heaven forbid they ever get to know someone. God that would take some fucking time and effort, which would just be to fucking hard for most women.