I go to school very far away from where I live. In fact, it's almost 90 miles one way. I know, it might not be the best idea but there cinema department is really great. Turns out though that the rest of the school functions like every other stupid dim witted government facility. Here's what's up. I might not be able to go to school this semester because I won't have enough gas to go to school and work. And since work pays the bills and Philosophy 1 and Cinema 33 don't, I'm going to have to choose work... every time. Well, that's of course unless I get finical aid, which I do qualify for. But here's the problem. I have to fill out a ed plan. Of course I have to do that before my ass can get any money. That's not to bad. Go to the counsellings office, get ed plan, go to finical aid and get everything squared away, right? Fuck, if it was just that easy. No, I have to make an appointment to see a counselor. No prob, I can do that. Though when I went in the counseling office, the counselors weren't seeing anyone and there was no one in the waiting area to be seen (God forbid they have to fucking do a little work.). I really did think it would be easy. I was wrong... as wrong as a blue whale fucking a donkey while said donkey is climbing mount everest. I tried to make an appointment but there wasn't any appointments available till the 29th of September. WHAT THE FUCK. I think I know now what it's like to be raped by a system that doesn't work. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. God damn..... if my thoughts could kill, then all midget ponies and super tall fucks should watch the fuck out. Uhhhggg.... On a brighter note. Genius on iTunes 8 is fan-fucking-tastic.