Happy Bday to me?

Another birthday has come and gone for me. It wasn't any different then any other of my birthdays. Well, a little different. See last year I stopped talking to my birth mother (long story) and didn't hear a peep from my then ex-girlfriend, who I did and still do love with all my heart. This year, very different. This year, even after I asked her to leave me alone (another long story), she decided to tell me happy birthday in a text. Now, I am very proud of myself for not responding in anyway to said text (does this count as a response?), I also know that there's a reason behind why she wished me happy birthday (lol, I feel like an a-hole for getting upset at a birthday greeting but...), she wants to talk to me. Here's the thing. I can't talk to her. It hurts. It's the main reason I can't have any contact with her and every time she does things like this, she just hurts me even more. I don't think she's doing it to hurt me. I honestly think she wants to tell me something, I just wish she would get the courage to say what ever she needs to say to me and get it over with.